May 14th Board Retreat

brightfutureThe Yreka Chamber of Commerce is proud to share the agenda for the May 14th Board Retreat. The board would start at 3pm sharp and then depart for the Mixer by 5:30pm if possible. The group could also make the game time decision to continue retreat time, and forgo the Mixer.

3:00 pm- Intro

Welcome, 2015 Binder, Miner Perk Wraps, Chips, Drinks

3:15 pm- Events

  • Event Team Presents: Sean, Christine, Cliff, Lisa, Debbie, Sandra, Kory
  • Recommendation #1: Our 2016 Events Schedule
  • Recommendation #2: Board Structure/Support Needed
  • Board Action Steps: (Sean guides group to list action steps)

View a List of Events and Criteria Here

4:15 pm- Are We a Healthy Board?

  • Overview: 5 Signs of a Healthy vs. Unhealthy Board (Vince)
  • Small Group Breakout: What kind of board do we want to be?
  • Each group presents five standards for our board to work towards.
  • Board Action Steps: (Lisa guides group to list action steps)

5:15 pm Future PresentationTopics

  • Goals of the Executive Board in 2016
  • The YCC Four Year Staffing Plan, 2016-2019
  • Supporting the ED and Staff


  • Bring two names to add to the Board Recruitment Watch List (6.10)
  • Bring a note card of ideas to improve our monthly meetings (6.10)