Gold Rush Days 2016

Gold Rush Days poster

Gold Rush Days
June 18, 2016 — 9am-4pm

Miner & Broadway Streets, in historic downtown Yreka

June 2016 Business of the Month

June Business of the Month — DeClerk Enterprises

June Business of the Month — DeClerk Enterprises

Gold Rush Days is Coming to Yreka

Celebrate our Gold Rush Days History in Yreka, on June 18th. Visit historic downtown Yreka to enjoy all the festivities.

Ribbon Cutting at McDonald’s

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Monday, June 22nd marked the grand reopening of McDonalds in Yreka.



Head to Yreka for Gold Rush Days

Gold Rush Day Poster 2015

Print a Schedule of Gold Rush Days

Print a copy of the Schedue of Events 2015.

Plan Your Trip to Gold Rush Days

Sign up for historical tours at Miner and Broadway starting at 10:00am. These fill up early!

  • 9:30am- The Celtic Cats (Live on the Gold Rush Stage)
  • 10:00am- 40+ Vendors and Farmers Market Opens
  • 10:00am- Jefferson State Beer Alley Opens
  • 10:00am- YMCA Bounce House Opens (Tri Counties)
  • 10:00am- Kids Face Painting (3rd Street)
  • 10:30am- Old West Reenactment Shooters (4th & Miner)
  • 10:30am- Historical Walking Tour (Miner & Broadway)
  • 11:00am- Rocking Maddy Ranch Pony Rides Open (Broadway)
  • 11:00am- Historical Hayride Tour (Miner & Broadway)
  • 11:30am- Historical Walking Tour (Miner & Broadway)
  • 11:30am- Old West Reenactment Shooters (4th & Miner)
  • 12:00pm- Watermelon Eating Contest (Live on the Gold Rush Stage)
  • 12:00pm- Historical Hayride Tour (Miner & Broadway)
  • 12:30pm- Old West Reenactment Shooters (4th & Miner)
  • 1:30pm- Historical Walking Tour (Miner & Broadway)
  • 1:00pm- Tiana Sheridan, Hallie Blake and Blake Crovelle (Live on the Gold Rush Stage)
  • 1:30pm- Old West Reenactment Shooters (4th & Miner)
  • 1:30pm- Historical Walking Tour (Miner & Broadway)
  • 2:00pm- Rusty Miller Music and Friends (Live on the Gold Rush Stage)
  • 2:00pm-Historical Hayride Tour (Miner & Broadway)
  • 2:30pm- Historical Walking Tour (Miner & Broadway)
  • 3:00pm-Historical Hayride Tour (Miner & Broadway)
  • 3:00pm- Old West Reenactment Shooters (4th & Miner)
  • 4:00pm- After the Gold Rush Wine and Ale Tasting (St. Marks)

Live on the Gold Rush Stage

Grab a beer at the State of Jefferson Beer Alley and enjoy live music on the Gold Rush Stage.

  • The Celtic Cats @ 9:30am
  • Watermelon Eating Contest @ 12:00pm
  • Tiana Sheridan, Hallie Blake and Blake Crovelle @ 1:00pm
  • Rusty Miller Music and Friends @ 2:00pm

Old West Reenactment Shooters Return to Gold Rush Days

This sought after group will bring the old west to life on Miner Street. The Old West Reenactment Shooters have been performing in Yreka since 2007, where they created their now, sought after performance.

  • 10:30am- Old West Reenactment Shooters (4th & Miner)
  • 11:30am- Old West Reenactment Shooters (4th & Miner)
  • 12:30pm- Old West Reenactment Shooters (4th & Miner)
  • 1:30pm- Old West Reenactment Shooters (4th & Miner)
  • 3:00pm- Old West Reenactment Shooters (4th & Miner)

The Old West Reenactment Club returns to the center stage, with action packed skits happening in front of the historic Franco American hotel throughout the day.

All Day events at Yreka’s Gold Rush Days

  • Shop Miner and Broadway Street –Enjoy Gold Rush Days Specials
  • 40+ Vendors and Farmers Market @ Miner & Broadway
  • Kids Bounce House @ Miner & Broadway
  • Free Pony Rides @ Broadway
  • Face Painting @ 3rd Street
  • Live Music @ 3rd Street
  • Jefferson State Beer Alley @ 3rd Street
  • Gold Panning @ Franco American Hotel
  • Old West Reenactment Shooters @ Miner Street
  • Historical Walking Tours @ Miner & Broadway
  • Historical Hayride Tours @ Miner & Broadway

Little Miners

  • Siskiyou YMCA Bounce House @ Miner & Broadway
  • Kids Face Painting @ 3rd Street
  • Kids Watermelon Eating Contest 12noon @ Gold Rush Stage
  • Pony Rides with Rockin Maddy Ranch  @ Tri Counties Bank

Maddy Rach

Bring your little miners to Gold Rush Days on June 14th from 11am-3pm for pony rides with Rockin Maddy Ranch!

Historical Tours

Don’t miss your chance to go on an interactive historical tour during Gold Rush Days! Yreka will offer 8 walking tours up and down Miner Street throughout the day, and 4 tours through the historical home district on Third and Oregon Streets. Thank you to the Genealogical Society and Yreka Preservation for the amazing additions and special surprises on our Gold Rush Tours this this year!

Sign up Early at Miner and Broadway

  • 10:30am- Walking Tour
  • 11:30am – Walking Tour
  • 11:00am- Hayride Tour
  • 12:00pm- Hayride Tour
  • 1:30pm – Walking Tour
  • 2:00pm- Hayride Tour
  • 2:30pm – Walking Tour
  • 3:00pm- Hayride Tour

Special Events

  • “After the Gold Rush” Wine and Ale Tasting  @ St. Marks Preservation Square

 The Chamber of Commerce is proud to present Gold Rush Days 2015.

On June 20th, Yreka will transform historical downtown into a “step back in time” festival honoring our Gold Rush heritage. Enjoy Old Time Reenactments in front of the historic Franco American Hotel, Gold Mining, vendors, food, activities for kids, historical hayrides, pony rides and more.

Yreka’s Art Walks Begin May 15th

Art Walk Poster II 2015 Who:

Yreka provides a fantastic art walk series with artists and musicians decorating the streets of Yreka with festivities and spirit. Visit Historic Downtown Yreka on
May 15th, June 26th, August 7th, September 18th and October 23th from 5-8pm.

More Info:

For event information, contact the Yreka Chamber of Commerce at 530.842.1649 and follow event news by “liking” the Yreka Art Walk facebook page.


shasta regional community foundationThe Yreka Chamber of Commerce thanks Downtown Yreka, the Shasta Regional Community Foundation and Kris Taylor of Shoppe Serendipity for making Yreka’s  2015 Art Walk series possible.

Art Walk CollageThank you to our events sponsors:

Look for the Red Art Walk Flags…

Seeing red flags at Yreka’s Art Walk is a good thing! Look for these bright, fun and festive flags outside participating businesses to find your way to great art, refreshments and performances during Yreka’s Art Walks.

Historic Downtown Yreka

Shops and businesses in Historic Downtown Yreka stay open late with food, music and specials during Yreka’s Art Walks.

art 002


Enjoy Saturday Morning on Miner Street

Saturday Market 2015images 4Starting the first Saturday in June, locals and visitors can meander through fresh produce displays and enjoy Saturday mornings on Miner Street. In a combined effort between Historic Downtown, The Montague Farmers Market, and the Yreka Chamber of Commerce, Yreka will have a Saturday Morning Market in June and July from 10:00am-2:00pm

Join the Montague Growers

From 10am-2pm the Montague Farmers Market will feature fresh produce. Local growers and musicians interested in participating are encouraged to contact market coordinator, Ann Robison:

Download an application here.

Shop Market Specials on Miner Street

Miner Street shops will open their doors with fun activities and market day specials. Visit Bella Art Works, Miner Street Meats, Dinner’s Ready Cafe, Shasta’s Chocolate Emporium, Farm Girl Antiques, and more for market day specials and activities.

Thank You to Our Community Event Sponsors

The Yreka Chamber is proud to thank community partners, Brookdale Senior Living and KRS Realty for their support of community projects.

Executive Director

The Next Era for the  Yreka Chamber of Commerce

Yreka Chamber two color logo II

 Two years ago, as an applicant, I was a little nervous as I read the job description, but I assure you that a creative, professional who can engage and interact with people can do great things here!  The Yreka community is very supportive of the Chamber Executive Director and there are so many exciting things I have been able to to share about the recent business and  tourism accomplishments in our community.  Thank you Yreka.




Board Report: April 14, 2015

The Yreka Chamber of Commerce is proud share the April 14, 2015 board report below.

Called to Order– 9:30am

Review of financials with a motion and second to approve March financials at May 14th meeting.
Review of proposed budget by Treasurer Nixon. Note eight important goals for 2015.

Board Members Present

Dennis Crossman (Brookdale), Cliff Munson (Siskiyou Golden Fair), Christine Todd (Siskiyou Central Credit Union), Lisa Nixon (Attorney at Law), Sandra Palmer (Best Western Miner’s Inn), Gary Nelson (Franco American Hotel), Sean McDonald (Siskiyou Daily News), Vince Reinig (Northland Cable),  Kory Hayden (Executive Director), Susan Dickison (Administrative Assistant)

Absent: Shawna Glenn (Ellis Brooks Honda), Tiffany Eberle-Dooley (Edward Jones Investments), Mike Madden (Fairchild Medical Center), Pamela Johnson (Express Employment Professionals)


Encourage a review of bylaws, particularly in the area of board attendance.

Discussion of Event Criteria

  • provide Quality of Life events for Yreka.
  • ensure gain, not losses, in revenue
  • invite volunteerism from the community
  • benefit the business community
  • serve as a incubator to support Yreka’s events, as possible.

Event Tasks

Discuss events at upcoming board retreat on May 14th. Develop an events committee to meet and analyze the chamber events. (Art Walk, Sizzlin September, Holiday Parade, Christmas on Miner, Holiday Dinner Dance, Annual Meeting and Business Expo, Chamber Awards Gala, Gold Rush Days, Visit Yreka Magazine, Monthly Mixers and Meetings.)

Events Criteria Committee

Meet prior to the board retreat on May 14th to analyze chamber events: Lisa Nixon, Kory Hayden, Christine Todd, Cliff Munson, Sandra Palmer, Debbie Robison, Sean McDonald.

Executive Director Report

Yreka Magazine, Community Partners, Executive Director Hire Process, Miner Street Market and Music on Saturday’s.

Gold Rush Days

Historical Hayride and Walking Tours (Historical Alliance and Lisa Nixon),  Watermelon Eating Contest (Local youth group and Sandra Palmer), Old West Reenactment Shooters (Gary Nelson and OWRS), Pony Rides, Vendors, Facepainting, YMCA Bounce House (Office), Stage (Square Dancing, Melodrama, Live Music- Kory Hayden), Old Time Saloon (Yreka Plaza, Liberty Arts), After the Gold Rush (Lisa Nixon), State of Jefferson Beer Tasting (Christine Todd and Kory Hayden).

ABC Event Licence

Continue to explore ABC Event Licencing for the Chamber of Commerce.

Board Member Recruitment

Recruit 4-5 board members. (Potential board members can indicate interest online.)

Board Retreat: May 14, 2015, 3:00pm

The Chamber of Commerce selected May 14th at 3:00pm for the 2015 Board Retreat at the Best Western Miner’s Inn, in leau of the 9:30am meeting.

Meeting Close- 11:30am

Welcome Liberty Tax to Yreka

The Yreka Chamber of Commerce welcomes Liberty Tax Service to 601 S. Main Street here in Yreka. Contact the bright staff at (530) 841.1040 for help with your 2015 tax needs and questions.

Liberty Tax