Gold in Those Hills

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Awaken the ghosts of a gold rush era town during your travels.

It was Abraham Thomson that started the whole effect in 1851 after he found flakes of gold in the grass nearby where his mule was feeding. In a matter of weeks more than two thousand miners set up camp on Yreka Flats, the spot that would later be dubbed “the richest square mile on earth.” Thompson’s finding led to one of the biggest gold mine discoveries in American history.

A Modern Day Gold Heist
For a number of years, the Siskiyou County Courthouse in Yreka held one of the biggest gold collections south of Alaska. Built over time by donations from miners and residents, the gold collection was used as an exhibit at the 1939 World’s Fair in San Francisco. In a modern gold heist tale, the window display which held the gold was robbed one February night in 2012.

Gold Rush Day
Yreka annually celebrates a vibrant gold rush heritage at Gold Rush Day. Mark your calendar for the second Saturday in June as pony rides, gold rush heritage events and live music fill Yreka’s historical downtown corridor.

A New Era for Yreka’s Goldtown
Yreka is still a relic of the gold mining era. Gold rush inspired downtown and business fronts feature a number of historical stops and resting places that give a nostalgic feeling not far from the hustle and bustle of the feel Yreka, CA circa 1851.

The Franco American Hotel | Miner Street
Enjoy Miner Street, a true relic of the gold mining era. Call ahead for historic hotel tours and gold panning | (541) 210-1234

Discovery Park
With a plaque detailing the discovery of gold in Yreka in 1851, Discovery Park is a cozy triangular park situated between Yama Street, Discovery Street and Park Place.

Siskiyou County Museum
Learn the true history through gold mining exhibits and much more.
Tue.-Saturday 9a.m.~3p.m.
910 South Main Street | (530) 842-3836

Greenhorn Park
Visit a reconstructed mining town and historic gold mining equipment at Greenhorn Reservoir.

Read more about Yreka’s Gold Rush era in “Western Siskiyou County Gold and Dreams” by Gail L. Fiorini-Jenner and Monica Jai Hall.